Clarisse is not only the restaurant manager and sommelier but a wonderful person to get to know, she's our ray of sunshine at ONA. Conscientious, with a literary mind and spirit, she reinvents and elaborates every day the poetic and precise explanation of our gourmet creations, for your delight.

Romuald, second in the kitchen but so much more than that..... he's my right arm. He understands what I expect of him, he's persevering and patient, he brings me the essential support I need in the kitchen. He's meticulous in his work, eager to learn and improve, he's a precious asset in the evolution of my cuisine and a pillar I can lean on.

Rémy, our commis, but in name only, is undoubtedly the greatest surprise of our team. Self-taught like me, he gives everything he's got, he's willing and he's committed, he's an important part of the team. Passionate and invested, he researches and suggests new ideas to experiment with. A gift, essential to continue to invent our gourmet creations, for your pleasure.

Claire Vallée
Founding chef of the ONA restaurant



Claire Vallée

ONA Manager and Owner


My name is Claire Vallée and, for over 10 years, I have been living thanks to my passion: cooking.

It all started in Switzerland. I had just finished long university studies ending with a diploma in archaeology. That’s when I had the opportunity of finding a seasonal job to earn some pocket money, before going off to follow in Indiana Jones’ footsteps.

What should have only been a short-term job turned into an unexpected professional reconversion. A passion was born… I was lucky enough to rapidly take on positions with responsibilities in gourmet restaurants. Thanks to employers who immediately recognized strong potential in me, I took the time to train and to perfect my craft. During those seven years, I also had the opportunity to travel a lot. That enabled me to explore new ways to cook, new spices, vegetables, tastes and ways of life. My cuisine is a mix of all that: passion, experiences, spices and joie de vivre.

The eighth year, I decided to go and live in Thaïland, in Hua Hin, for a year in order to perfect my Asian cooking skills. I learned a lot there and with this encounter in the Land of the Rising Sun, I began to change my diet. The cuisine there is very plant-based and infinitely tasty, thanks to many herbs, spices and vegetables. A passionate and addictive mix.

Back in France, I took a position in a renowned gourmet restaurant on the Arcachon basin. During those two years, I continued to develop a more and more plant-based cuisine and I discovered veganism. For me, it was like a brutal awakening. A whole new cuisine I wasn’t aware of offered itself to me. An ethical cuisine, respectful of life and of the planet. What a discovery! What an obvious choice!

As my job no longer matched my deepest aspirations, I decided to entirely dedicate myself to the creation of a cuisine that offered a real alternative. ONA was born.

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Clarisse Jacq



After studying theatrical and plastic arts, the desire to discover the world led me to travel for 4 years, through many countries discovering their epicurean delights along the way. I'm a lover of craft beers, my curiosity often leading me to finding new and exciting flavours and styles of beer. I often describe my job as that of helping customers to have a memorable and exceptional vegan experience, creating a strong link between the cooking of the meal and the emotions evoked whilst enjoying the meal.

Funny story: I can remember all the dishes but never where I put my keys!

Romuald Brethonnet

Second cook


After a traditional training in gastronomic cooking, the vegan world was for me an obvious choice. Travel and my deep convictions have led me to where I am today. When I don't have my head in the oven, I have it in the stars. I'm passionate about astrology, my model is Thomas Pesquet with his calm nature and his determination, and I aim to have these qualities. Small anecdote about me: my favourite dish is the onion soup that my grandmother cooked in her old copper pans.


I love working with garlic, such a powerful and explosive ingredient that I always add to my own dishes


Rémi Darriau

Kitchen clerks


I became interested in vegan cooking about 10 years ago, when I became vegetarian. At the time I had no idea of the never-ending potential that vegan cooking offers.

When I began travelling, that’s around the time I became fascinated by the diversity of the plant world and the variety of culinary cultures. I then decided that this passion would be an integral part of my life. My grandmother always made large meals and begged us tirelessly not to leave anything on our plates. There was just too much! But I now understand her pleasure seeing an empty plate. If I had told my parents, as a child, that I wanted to be a professional vegan chef, they would never have believed me, I hated all vegetables except potatoes. My favourite spice is cardamom. My Proust madeleines: “merveilles”, pastis Landais, orange blossom, milk, eggs and rum baba.

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