ONA is surrounded by many talented individuals, where each one has their own special place, along with their unique identities.
I would like to thank ONA’s amazing team of suppliers, every one of them dedicated to their speciality, with originality and commitment to their passion for producing or sourcing the best of vegan and organic produce. Founded on the 22nd October 2016, the ONA project would have been impossible without the support, strength, availability, generosity, attention and kindness shown by all my suppliers, customers, friends, business creation assistant services, crowd funders, not forgetting all the many helping hands, who made this crazy dream come true. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Our common beliefs have brought us together, what fabulous encounters.
Each business, serving the organic and vegan market locally, each one the first or the leader in their speciality, their proximity to the restaurant, their inspiration gained from travels which have influenced their businesses, passionate about their products, meeting me.


Carole Czaika



2 Avenue de Bordeaux, 33740 Arès

Tel: 07 70 58 71 93



In 2016, after a change in career, Carole shared her life with an organic producer from Lot-et-Garonne.

She opened the first French organic fruit and vegetable shop in Arès, to commercialise her produce. Her success was such that she had to involve other organic farmers. Everything is produced in France and seasonal. No strawberries or kiwis etc. from abroad, except exotic products like avocado or turmeric for example.

Claire is a customer, she appreciates the quality of Carole's produce and naturally asked her to supply the restaurant from the opening.

Carole shares the same ethics as Claire, food origin, flavour and proximity. They have a lasting durable relationship. Carole knows when her produce will be available and in what quantity so Claire consults Carole before she elaborates her new menu. Sometimes Claire has special requests for vegetables or rare items which Carole sources for her.

The two of them have developed a trusting working relationship based on quality and service.


Philippe Taupy

Au gré des vins - La Bouteille à la plage à Arès


Phone: 05 56 82 35 98

Mail: augredesvinscavisterange.fr


Passionate about wine since a young age, Philippe left business law to become a wine merchant. Over the years, with visits to producers, tastings, participating at wine fairs, he's specialised in biodynamic production.

He met Claire whilst still working in business law and she told him about her project for ONA, he's amazed by her knowledge of wine and is enthralled by her ideas. They share the same values, a love of the earth, working directly with the winegrowers, biodynamics and respect for the animal cause.

Very quickly they work on an alternative and innovative wine and spirit list, which respects their values. The products will be organic, the bonding will have no animal origin (no egg white, no pork gelatine, instead mashed peas, argile etc). All from terroirs, affordable prices, with a mineral element that accords with Claire's cooking.

Their relationship continues with the wines Philippe recommends for the new menus, tasting new products. Also training the restaurant team on wine and food pairing by tasting, visiting wine fairs and serving wine.

The chef and the wine merchant, a winning duo for “not resting on your laurels”





11 allée Ernest de Boissière BIGANOS

TEL: 05 56 26 91 20


The Londiche bakery is a reputed establishment within the profession and is much appreciated for the quality of its products.

The bakery’s longstanding tradition of respecting its clientele by ensuring food safety and product traceability and not forgetting the amazing gustative properties of their delicious produce. All the flours used are French and organic, the grains are stoneground and natural sourdough is used in the bread making.

All this criteria led Claire to choose Londiche bakery and the bread she serves daily at ONA, a bread made from T80 flour and a mix of different grains to add flavour.

Relying on tradition, producing a depth of flavour and a healthy product is the philosophy of the bakery that uses the values of the past to prepare the future.

3S6A7015 copie.jpg

Cyril Perpina

La Serre aux délices


71 chemin de Pardies BIGANOS

Tel 06 09 28 11 79



Agricultural engineer, with a background in IT and banking, Cyril is passionate about plants.

During his plant research he discovered a garden, full of aromatic and savoury plants, 100% perennial and edible (Ariel and root). Cyril is enchanted, the owner mentioned his wish to leave and Cyril his wish to reconvert. La Serre Ô Délices was born.

A magical discovery for Claire, who loves exceptional and organic produce.

A relationship is formed between Claire and Cyril, rich in exchanges, proposals, amazing discoveries, all of which inspire Claire's culinary achievements and encourage customers’ gastronomic voyages.

Cyril proposes 146 products, of which Claire uses a wide selection.
Cyril’s exceptional plants include:


South African purple violet (Tulbagia violacea). A plant with a strong garlic taste, very slender leaves and flowers that resemble an agapanthus. More easily digestible than garlic and used raw.

Wood coriander (Houttunya cordata, Southern Asia). Its colourful heart shaped leaves have a strong grapefruit smell with a hint of coriander perfect for flavouring a dish, a taste closer to coriander.

Mexican Agastache (Agastache Mexicana var). Used raw or in an infusion, its leaves have an astonishing lemon scent with hints of fennel and sweet red flower.

Cheese plant (Paederia Lanuginosa, Southern Asia). A tropical creeper whose large, two coloured, velvety leaves have a wonderful smell of ripe camembert.


David Arsivaud



7 Chemin de Monfaucon

33127 Martignas-sur-Jalle

Tel: 06 72 85 11 49



A graduate in social and solidarity economics, David worked in a bank with the idea of one day starting his own business.

Chance leads him to the Dordogne where he meets an organic tofu producer. The South West of France is ideal for cultivating soya beans. Already familiar with tofu, his parents eat it regularly, he asks the tofu producer if he'll teach him how to transform soya beans into tofu.

In 2013, after gaining the necessary knowledge, he launched and created his own cottage business starting with two pans and a gas burner. Made from organic seeds, harvested in Aquitaine, the quality of his products are appreciated and distributed to organic shops. Locadelice is now recognised in the tofu market as having an excellent quality.

Claire, about to open her organic and vegan gastronomic restaurant, contacted David. They have the same exigencies for excellence, creativity and proximity and he was a natural choice of supplier.

Tofu is a natural product and suitable for all preparations. Today David has 7 employees, wishing to remain local they're developing their offer to introduce different varieties of tofu, for example pimento d'espelette, wood garlic, etc

It remains for Claire to delight us with the innovations of Locadelice.

OK 3 .jpg

Benoit AUBE

Sacré Français / Spices


BP 70067 33015 Bordeaux

Phone: 09 50 62 70 06

Mail: contact@sacrefrancais.fr


Benoit’s passion was born from his love of food and travel.

Discovering other cultures and flavours he understands that away from the classic commercial system, an alternative exists where we can consume differently by supporting the producers who care about the earth. He realises that a positive human evolution is necessary.

He creates “Sacré Français” and produces exceptional spices ; wild pepper from Madagascar, Indonesia, Cambodia, ginger, wild flowers from Thailand, gum Arabic from Senegal, sumac from Lebanon, cocoa beans from Tonka, turmeric and saffron from Persia and France, as well as French thyme and other aromatic herbs. It's an evolving niche market.

During a dinner at ONA, he meets Claire and they're on the same wavelength, respect for others, a job well done, the search for perfection. This leads them to a working relationship where they share their knowledge, advise each other and study suggestions.

An alchemy that entices travel using rare spices that will “transform the ordinary into extraordinary”.


Claire Grand

L'Atelier de Claire


9 Rue Joseph Cugnot,

33510 Andernos-les-Bains


Passionate about ceramics since school, Claire created her own workshop in 2003 after being a graphic designer and working in publicity.

Claire met ONA’s chef, Claire, at a market, where she was searching for tableware for her restaurant. Claire spotted a lovely cup, with a beautiful mat and brilliant finish to it.

After visiting Claire's workshop, they agreed on a design and colour. Claire places an order for bowls, cups, plates and dishes.

Turned, enamelled, hand decorated, all unique and made from white earthenware clay with a lead free enamel.

In the restaurant, the customers are in awe of the beautiful tableware, with its aesthetic design and the way the glossy black enamel plays with the light and the matt white finish allows a good grip. Many customers visit Claire's workshop to order tableware from her.

If there's a problem arising with a piece it is repaired by Claire.

No reservations via the website only by telephone, voice messages left on the answering machine are not taken into account.

Please call the restaurant directly for any reservation.

Tel: +33 5 56 82 04 06  |  Email: ona@clairevallee.com

3 bis rue Sophie et Paul Wallerstein 33740 ARES

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