Gastronomic menu at Ona
The main idea of this concept is to discover new tastes (crunchy, raw, cooked, creamy, sour, crisp…) and to let yourself be taken care of during your meal. We take the time to satisfy you, not only visually, but also with regards to smell and taste, thanks to a cuisine that is fresh, seasonal, organic and passionate!
We are open from Wednesday to Sunday, with a different menu depending on when you visit us:
Lunch time Wednesday through Friday 
Market Menu - 3 dishes for 24 EUR
Evenings Wednesday through Sunday and Saturday and Sunday lunchtime 
Gourmet Menu – 7 dishes for 59 EUR
The Gourmet Menu changes every month and is available for consultation on our website, our Facebook page, and of course, in the restaurant.


No reservations via the website only by telephone, voice messages left on the answering machine are not taken into account.

Please call the restaurant directly for any reservation.

Tel: +33 5 56 82 04 06  |  Email:

3 bis rue Sophie et Paul Wallerstein 33740 ARES

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