Multiple interviews and reports in local and national magazines (Slowly Veggie 6 pages, Alternatives Végétariennes 4 pages, Le Nouvel Obs, Le Figaro, Bordeaux Madame, Sud Ouest Gourmand, Le Point, L'Express, Elle, Cheek Magazine, Slate, L'Equipe, Paris Match 1 page, Healthy Food, Côté Ouest / Côté Maison 8 pages, Esprit Veggie, Le Printemps (new website online).
A passage in the radio program Circuits Courts de Europe1 hosted by Cyrielle Hariel in April 2018, a presentation of an aperitif recipe in the program by Philippe Vandel on Europe1 in April 2019, an invitation to the program "We will taste" by François-Régis Gaudry on France Inter in June 2020 with the presentation of the restaurant and recipes on the vegetable theme, alongside Rodolphe Landemaine (Boulangerie Landemaine Paris)
Video reports in the news of M6 in August 2018, on NOA France 3 in October 2018, in the magazine Zone Interdite on M6 on November 4 , 2018, a report after the 12/45 of M6 of 8mn at the end of June 2019 dedicated entirely to the restaurant ONA, a report produced for the program L'Info du Vrai by Yves Calvi on Canal + in March 2020, dedicated to the food of the future with the presentation of a recipe from one of the flagship products of the company Odontella: the Solmon.
The Gold Prize (first place) and the Public price of the corporate competition Challenge on the Arcachon Basin organized by Deba (10,000 euros won and various prizes related to communication support) in June 2018.
The meeting with Gilles Pudlowsky who will follow an article on his blog in May 2018.
Meetings with chefs Alain Passard, Frederic Anton, Benallal Akrame, Thierry Marx, Gregory Coutanceau, Jean-Christian Jury, Pascal Garbe, Marc Veyrat, Michel Bras, Michel Sarran, Jean Cousseau, Michel Trama.
An invitation to Sirha 2019 for a cooking demonstration filmed on the set of Sirha TV in January 2019.
A conference and various interventions during 3 days organized within the framework of the Caterers of France (Grégory Coutanceau) in Nancy at the end of March 2019, led by myself, Jean-Christian Jury and Florane Clouet.
Creations of appetizers for the Stars of Epicure during the Epicuriales in Bordeaux in June 2019.
Sponsorship of the Smmmile Festival for the 2020 edition (September 2020) Paris Porte de la Villette.
A book (in creation) bringing together more than 100 recipes, tips, plant philosophy, restaurant development, partners and producers in the organic sector, etc., which will be published by a prestigious Parisian edition scheduled for publication in 2021.
2 toques and 13/20 awarded by Gault & Millau only 6 months after the restaurant opens.
1 plate and 1 fork awarded by the Michelin Guide in February 2018, making Ona the first Vegan restaurant to enter the famous red guide.
ONA - Grappe verte.png



The city, the location, the cuisine ... ONA seemed to combine obstacles at the start. A year later, the only vegan gourmet restaurant in France is always full.


"Delighted", "a cascade of flavors", "Bluffed", "Gustatively and visually perfect", "A real surprise, off the beaten track". You just have to take a look at Trip Advisor to realize the impact that the opening, a year ago, of ONA, a gourmet vegan restaurant, in Ares had. Company manager, boss and chef, committed activist, Claire Vallée tells the adventure.


Nestled in the hollow of a lost street in which one can only fall without premeditation, ONA knows itself desired. Once in front, and inside, everything seems obvious. Light is everywhere, color too. The eye is quickly drawn to a large slate on the left wall, which watches over the kitchen passage. Are registered all suppliers, organic and local, from roaster to market gardener, with their name and address. Very simple, the decor is inventive, but it is the green wall that is just waiting to grow that immediately pleases, just like the wooden terrace and the herb garden that can be seen at the bottom. The urge takes us to come quickly in summer. "I knew it would be there, and not elsewhere," says chef Claire Vallée. As an evidence ... When one has chosen, hammered, defended with so much energy and conviction his will to open his own vegan table, to make it a place of demanding gastronomic and also ecological, here, on the Bassin d 'Arcachon but not at Cap Ferret, more chic or in Andernos, more city, but in Ares does not surprise more than that. Just one more challenge. But what a challenge, when you know that gourmet and 100% vegan tables can be counted on the fingers of one hand in France!


Caught in flight, Claire Vallée activates herself in the middle of the overturned tables, her four feet in the air. Time to ask yourself for the interview, to go back two crazy years with the meeting point with the association Nord Bassin Transition, the first tasting workshops in the form of a test and the idea rooted in it, which becomes little a bit obvious: this is where we must take the plunge. “I came to the Basin by chance, for a place as a chef at Saint-Eloi. I love nature, I created friendships, networks and I did not see myself starting from scratch, elsewhere ”she says.


Time has proven him right. Because would it have supported the reluctance, the refusals of all the traditional banks contacted without having been surrounded? Thanks to an honorary loan from Initiatives Gironde, a loan from the NEF, a kind of ethical bank, financial support from Initiatives France for ecological and social ethics, a spectacular and unprecedented crowfunding campaign in the Basin with the assistance of the CCI (€ 10,000 in two months with 126 contributors!) and a shareholder, the project is launched. “Without enough money to do the work, we asked for help on Facebook. With word of mouth, we ended up with 80 volunteers! Thanks to this great human chain, and the free support of craftsmen from different trades, we opened on October 22! I didn't think there would be so many people mobilizing. It pleased. People were passing in the street and offering to help us. Suddenly, it created links and it became a bit their restaurant too! "


A year later, all the lights are green. The projected turnover has been multiplied by three. ONA is sold out for lunch and dinner. "I knew it was going to work, said Claire," but not so well. The comments, the local and even international press, social networks are very positive. We are there to respect our customers, to bring them something different and meaningful and this has been understood by everyone. From the youngest to the oldest, vegan or not at all, local or on the other end of France, like these Parisians or Niçois who came expressly, the clientele exceeds all prejudices or the effect of fashion. “In fact, they tell us to come because it's good and beautiful above all, for a link rather than for vegan engagement. Vegan is not necessarily seeds, a sad and bland plate. With us, there is no loss of taste or aesthetics with vegetable cuisine, quite the contrary. "


A quality recognized by Gault and Millau, who awarded the highly envied Deux Toques in the spring, offering ONA the same recognition as the Fourth Wall of Etchebest or La Cape à Cenon…




ONA - Grappe jaune.png


The thirty year old chef Claire Vallée, from Lorraine, opened a restaurant
gourmet vegan in Gironde. Its name, ONA (for non-animal origin). Professionals from Michelin and Gault & Millau awarded him a plate and two toques. A first !


Tasty, Claire's adventure has something to cheer about. A native of Nancy, she learned wine and cooking at a very young age, obtained a doctorate in archeology and then, on the occasion of a summer job, trained in restoration in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. Once a pastry chef, this self-taught chef became a chef at 29 years old! A trip to Thailand awakens her to healthy, fresh and curative vegetable cooking. Back in France, Claire became a vegetarian, then a vegan. “I cannot stand injustice towards animals. Chance having offered her a place in Arès in Gironde, she soon decides, since there is no post for vegan chef, to open her own place. A pizzeria is for sale, but Claire faces the refusals of the banks. Whatever, this volunteer launches crowdfunding to which more than a hundred contributors respond and obtains loans of honor. Enthusiastic, passers-by, shopkeepers, Facebook members, professionals voluntarily join the site and, after six months, in the fall of 2016, ONA welcomes its first customers. “Of all styles, not necessarily vegan, even oyster farmers, hunters.


And the starred chefs of the basin support me. »His recipe? A warm and simple setting, 45 seats maximum and above all a real cuisine as delicious and original as beautiful and colorful. And, surprise (we tested for you), which does not leave you hungry because it is slow to digest. Constantly creative, the menu is renewed every month, the wines are slightly tannic, organic and without animal bonding, ionized water, green energy and the producers of local friends. With Clarisse in the dining room, Marion, plus a cooking intern, the chef's days are marathons. "I don't like to be bored and cook the food I like, you don't give pleasure if you don't take it yourself", confides this passionate of music, travel, meetings ... And of Shanti, the jack russell terrier who does not leave her with a step and wisely awaits his stroll on the beach. On the wall of the bright room, a sentence from the Japanese poet Ida Dakotsu "Dandelions from time to time wake up the butterflies of their dreams. At 39, Claire Vallée realizes and lives hers. The first vegan chef to enter Michelin with a plate, and Gault & Millau with two toques, her next step could well be starred!


Laurence de Calan